Welcome to Great Lakes Concrete Restoration

Great Lakes Concrete Restoration is a full service specialty contractor engaged in the waterproofing, gunite, caulking, pressure grouting, and concrete repair business. We work with general contractors, building owners, and government entities to meet their new construction or restoration needs.

Fremont Church Sandstone repair and restoration North Elevation

Restoration and Preservation of Contemporary and Historic Masonry Façades

Services Provided:

  • Brick and stone repair /replacement,  masonry joint tuck pointing
  • Replacement of exterior caulking, sealants, and expansion joint systems
  • Façade cleaning and weather sealer, as well as, exterior wall coating
  • Structural steel reconditioning  and/or replacement
  • Remediation of moisture intrusion, including  wall cavity flashing systems

Restoration and Repair of Concrete Structures

Services Provided:

  • Gunite (spray applied concrete), Structural, Architectural and Artistic Exhibits
  • Structural concrete repair/patching, epoxy injection, expansion joint systems,
  • Plaza deck restoration – waterproofing membranes & coatings
  • Pressure grouting, chemical and epoxy grout pumping, slab jacking
  • Carbon Fiber strengthening

Waterproofing Specialist – Above and Below Grade Waterproofing

Services Provided:

  • Above grade systems for masonry and concrete
  • Below grade systems for new construction and existing structures
  • Remedial Waterproofing - Bentogrout injection grout  - Xypex
  • Spray apply waterproofing systems

New Construction Specialties

Services Provided:

  • Below grade waterproofing – elevator pits, foundation wall, tunnels
  • Vertical and under slab waterproofing membrane installation
  • Volclay and bentonite sheets
  • Applications in cavity wall construction to provide moisture and air barriers
  • Sealants and expansion joint systems
St Joseph Church tower was a restoration project for Great Lakes Concrete
29 South Erie Street foundation front building historic building restoration in downtown toledo ohio
GLCR Steam powerplant restoration wall and stack in toledo