Lourdes College

Mercy Hospital, Tiffin, Ohio

University of Michigan
Great Lakes Concrete Restoration
Keep the wet out there and the dry in here!

Waterproofing/Air Barrier

Great Lakes is a full service waterproofing contractor working with general contractors, building owners, and governmental entities to determine their waterproofing needs and to apply the correct products to keep them dry. Whether it is new construction or a restoration project, we have the capabilites and knowledge to find solutions to meet your needs. We work with many suppliers and manufacturers to find the product that best meets the conditions of your project.

One of our projects was the new addition at Lourdes College in Sylvania, Ohio. The specifications for the project required three layers of protection. The first layer in our waterproofing techniques is the application of Procor. This seamless waterproofing vapor barrier stops the water from passing into the concrete. The second layer is insulation board to keep your building warm. The final layer is drainboard which directs the water down to the base of the building where it is collected and routed away from the building.

Mercy Hospital in Tiffin, Ohio added a large addition and selected Great Lakes to keep their new addition dry. This project spec included Volclay panels nailed to the foundation wall with a layer of drainboard protection to move water away from the building.

The University of Michigan completed a major renovation project. We were enlisted to do air barriers.

After repairing the dive platform we applied a new coat of Thoroseal waterproof coating at the Bowling Green State University Natatorium .