Great Lakes Concrete Restoration
GLCR has a long history of quality workmanship that has allowed us to work on several high profile projects in our area.

Projects *Click for more info:
Univeristy Hospital, Cleveland* OCP Contractors Air & Vapor Barrier
Bayview WWTP Mosser Construction Waterproofing / Coatings
Valero Energy Mosser Construction Epoxy Grout
Gibsonburg WTP Village of Gibsonburg Gunite Coating
Ohio Air National Guard Rudolph-Libbe Fire Caulking / Air & Vapor Barrier
Interstate 75* E.S. Wagner Gunite Pier Repairs
Sandusky County Bridges Sandusky County Gunite Abuttment / Pier
Walgreens Warehouse Rudolph-Libbe Remove & Install 75,000 l.f. Caulking
Mighigan Union Repairs University of Michigan Tuckpointing / Brick Repair
Ohio Turnpike Plazas Mosser Construction Caulking
Blanchard Valley Hospital Walsh Construction Waterproofing / Caulking
City of Toledo Manholes City of Toledo Protective Coatings
Mercy Hospital, Tiffin* A.A. Boos Waterproofing / Coatings
Toledo Zoo Entrance Rock* Mosser Construction Gunite & Rock Formation
Toledo Zoo Tiger Home* Mosser Construction Gunite Pond & Holding Area
Bowling Green High School* Alvada Construction Sandblasting
Pemberville Community Pool* Village Pemberville Gunite Repair Areas
BGSU Natatorium* Thoroseal Waterproof ing
Lucas County Arena* Air & Vapor Barrier
Univ. of Michigan Stadium* Boettcher Masonry Air & Vapor Barrier
Univ. of Toledo Savage Hall* Mosser Construction Waterproofing / Coatings
Lourdes College* Bostleman Corp. Waterproofing
Oberlin College Panzica Construction Waterproofing / Caulking/A & V Barrier
Norfolk & Southern U.I.C. Contractors Gunite Silo Repairs

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