Great Lakes Concrete Restoration
We turn your cracks into architectural highlights


Great Lakes Concrete Restoration is the leading caulking company in Northwest Ohio and has worked with many General Contractors, building owners, and governemntal entities to ensure the projects are weather tite and sealed to their specifications. We install new caulking and cut out and replace old caulking as needed. We have worked on many new projects in the area and have replaced deteriorated caulking on many buildings and parking facilities.

Penta County Vocational School is building a new $72 million new career center in Perrysburg, Ohio. Great Lakes was selected to do all of the caulking work including the interior and exterior control joints, door frames, and exterior masonry precast panels.

Westgate Village Shopping Center underwent a major renovation project. Great Lakes was the choice contractor of Bostleman Corp to perform all the caulking on this project.

Rudolph-Libbe chose Great Lakes Concrete Restoration to perform the interior and exterior caulking on the new Federal Express building in Wood County.

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